Adamle dui update: doesn't look good

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Posted by Anna-and-Hanako on January 28, 2011 at 18:04:24:

WMAQ-Ch. 5 sportscaster Mike Adamle allegedly danced in the street and did a head stand after Evanston police stopped him earlier this month, according to a police report released to the Tribune on Friday.

Police pulled Adamle over early Jan. 10 in Evanston after he allegedly disobeyed a red-flashing traffic signal at Main and Sheridan, according to the report released under the state’s Freedom of Information Act. He was later charged with DUI.

Adamle allegedly told police he was returning home from work and had consumed one glass of wine about two hours prior to being stopped by police, the report states.

Adamle’s attorney, Dean Dickie, could not immediately be reached for comment on Friday, but previously has denied that his client was impaired.

In an earlier statement, Dickie said Adamle “vigorously disputes” being under the influence of alcohol or other illegal substances, and that Adamle “fully cooperated with the police officers, demonstrated his sobriety, passed a breathalyzer test, and intends to defend the charges.”

The arresting officer stated that Adamle’s eyes were blood shot and glossy and that a strong odor of alcohol emanated from is breath, according to the report.

“Before Adamle was administered the walk and turn and the one-leg stand tests he voluntarily started to dance in the street, and at one point even did a head stand,” says the police report filed by Officer B. Hicks.

Then Adamle started the walk and turn sobriety test before the officer asked him to, and “did not touch heel to toe on several occasions, stepped off the line, used his arms for balance, turned incorrectly and took an incorrect number of steps,” the report says.

The report says that Adamle swayed while balancing during the “one-leg stand” test, used his arms for balance and placed his foot on the ground toward the end of the test.

When transported to the station, officers administered a breathalyzer test, which registered his blood alcohol level at 0.044 percent — below the 0.08 percent legal limit.

The report states that Adamle exhibited “erratic behavior” while in lock up, grinding his teeth, rubbing his nose, and acting “extremely jittery,” according to the report.

The arresting officer stated that he suspected Adamle was under the influence of something other than alcohol, and asked if Adamle had recently taken any type of drugs, including prescription drugs.

Adamle answered “no” to the officer’s question, according to the report. But later he allegedly told a certified DUI drug investigator that he was taking Lomictal for seizures, and had been doing so for the last six years, according to the report.

The DUI drug investigator, Officer M. Dukler, also stated that he observed Adamle grinding his teeth as well as a “strong tremor” in Adamle’s fingers, according to the report. The investigator performed several eye tests on Adamle, and stated he found Adamle’s pupils to be dilated and with no involuntary eye movement. However, the investigator noted that Adamle’s eyes were glassy, bloodshot and watery, the report says.

Adamle was asked to tilt his head back, close his eyes and tell the investigator when 30 seconds had elapsed. The report states that Adamle swayed from side to side, had a “distinct and steady tremor” in his eyelids, and stated that 30 seconds had elapsed after 40 seconds.

“I concluded that Adamle was physically impaired by a combination of alcohol, drugs or intoxicating compound,” the investigator states in the report.

Adamle is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 14 in Skokie.

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