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Posted by Pre-Law on March 13, 2011 at 01:20:47:

In Reply to: DUI police report on Smokin' Harry posted by DC Komics on March 11, 2011 at 19:35:07:

: According to the report, police heard a dispatch about a possible
: driving under the influence suspect near the 8800 block of Kolmar
: Avenue on March 5 around midnight. A driver who saw Teinowitz told a
: police dispatcher that he “was convinced [Teinowitz] was either going
: to crash or seriously injure himself.”

Riiiight. I often wonder where these mysterious calls come from.

: When Teinowitz was pulled over, officers immediately detected “a very
: strong odor of fresh cannabis emitting from inside the vehicle.” The
: officers asked him if he had marijuana in his possession, to which the
: radio host replied that he didn’t have any. When asked why the car
: reeked of marijuana, Teinowitz replied that his car was recently
: parked by a valet, who he said must have been smoking marijuana in the
: vehicle.

Pretty genius attempt at a cover story, you must admit.

: Unfortunately for Teinowitz, he had a green leafy substance on his
: shirt that police suspected was cannabis. Again, officers asked where
: the marijuana was and this time Teinowitz didn’t respond, according to
: the report.

Did they test this alleged green leafy substance? Take pictures? It could have been a piece of cilantro from his dinner for all we know.

: The officers ultimately stopped the test because they feared Teinowitz
: was going to fall and hurt himself, the report noted.

Yeah okay. I hope there's video to prove this.

: At the police station, Teinowitz advised police several times that the
: officers “could not do this as he works for the Disney Company and he
: would lose his job.” He asked several times if he could call “the
: mayor,” a request denied him.

Alright now that's embarassing. Definitely sounds like he was messed up. Was he referring to Daley or Rahm? Heh.

: Teinowitz, who was suspended as host of "The Afternoon Saloon," had a
: blood alcohol content level of .131 and was charged with improper lane
: usage and driving under the influence of alcohol. Police decided not
: to file charges relating to possible marijuana use.

Interesting. You didn't file charges on the item that seemed to be of most interest during the police report. A defense attorney will have a field day with this. Oh wait - he blabbed his mouth off on his show about being sorry for what he did. Wrong choice.

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