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Posted by Tom Kopec on November 30, 2011 at 11:45:55:

In Reply to: Re: Joe Aldeguer WLS posted by Joe Hater on May 20, 2011 at 15:02:14:

Joe Hater,

Your lack of intelligence or facts is pathetic. I will make this easy. My Facebook is Thomas Kopec, look at my picture, Does it look like Joe? I live in Matteson Illinois . I am even willing to meet you face to face. However, most people who don't use their real names, are cowards anyway. My guess it is unlikely that you will meet me. Why not work on your own self image vs trying to blow out Joe's candle to make yours appear brighter

: Haha- nice alias, Joe! It's painfully obvious who really wrote the comment above/below. Women throwing themselves at Joe Aldeguer?!? Yeah, I guess if short, plump, with hideous fake blond streaks on a man turns you on... Keep trying, Joe.

: : : Hey, does anyone know whatever happened to Joe Aldeguer, the WLS 890 real estate gadfly?? All of a sudden, he is off the
: : : air and there has been no recent blogging with his name on the internet. He was being sued for the hotel condo scam in
: : : Florida, did they finally catch up with him and is he now in jail?

: : I normally do not go out of my way to post on anything. However, in this case it is funny to see how when Joe was doing very well, everyone wanted to ride the Joe Aldeguer express and wanted him to share the wealth. I worked for Joe on his Barrington home. Joe paid me promptly , he treated me as not only a professional, but as a friend. I worked on his home . When I had isses with my vehicle Joe then let me use his SUV. He always paid me. To me Joe Aldeguer was always a fair man. Unfortunately two of his Mortage Exchange employees that were disgruntled tied me into a business where they said I solicted them to work for me. This ended the relationship between myself and Joe. To this day I have no ill will, as I would have done the same thing. As far as all those posts I have seen of Joe cheatin during marriages, who knows? What i do know is that there were alotof women that were trying to throw themseves at Joe and use him. If he used them back, that's on them, they put themselves in that position. As far as the Florida Condo dealings. People put money down, the purchased and euity position in something , they did get their equity , they didn't get renters. Who can guarantee occupancy in today's market? Not in any of these accusations have I seen one shread of anything factual. I see it as jealousy, and I think these people posting this should in fact be ashamed of themselves. Imagine that .... riding the Joe Aldeguer express when it's at full steam , and then when he has financial issues , turning and stabbing his back. That says alot about their persona and credibility. I have not seen or talked to Joe in yrs. However, he's always treated people properly. I will actually show some class and not lie about the man. it's all about having dignity and not being a money grubbing scum. Feel free to contact me at

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